Membrane dispensing valves

Care-free dosing of reactive, abrasive or chemically aggressive fluids

Membrane dispensing valves are used for for processing low to high viscosity media. They can be reactive, abrasive as well as chemically aggressive. This low maintenance valve relies on a flexible diaphragm to seal the fluid passageways from the pneumatically driven actuating section of the valve, with only the media. If necessary the fluid passageways can easily be flushed. (Internal diameter: 2 - 8 m)

Product Features

  • Compact design
  • Leakage free operation
  • Material housing stainless steel
  • Adjustable snuff back effect
  • Valve seat tungsten carbide
  • Adjustable snuff back effect


  • Solenoid valve plate
  • Manual handle with trigger or foot pedal for pneumatic or electric operation

Technical Specifications

diameter Ø
pressure bar
Max. working
pressure bar
approx. kg
2.0 mm 160 200 0.45
4.0 mm 160 200 0.70
8.0 mm 160 200 2.20

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