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We are one of the world’s most experienced manufacturers of high-quality metering technology. Wherever adhesives, resins, silicones or lubricants are metered and applied in industrial production, we offer reliable, precise solutions. We provide systems and components for highly automated production processes, including for the automotive, wind, household appliances and electrical industries, as well as for aviation and space travel.

DOPAG is part of the HILGER & KERN GROUP, a reliable supplier, development and service partner to industrial companies in a variety of market segments for over 90 years. The group employs around 350 people and has subsidiaries and distributors in more than 40 countries.

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Valves for the contactless spray application of grease and oil
Valves for the spray application of grease and oil. Contactless application of lubricants in areas difficult to access.

Competence that pays off:

  • A partner for all applications: greasing, bonding, sealing, gasketing and potting
  • Global distribution and service
  • Industry expertise since 1976
  • Individual automation solutions
  • In-house technical centre
  • Close collaboration with material manufacturers
  • Over 2,000 materials tested


  1. DOPAG has developed a new rotary applicator for 360° greasing or oiling of holes. It can be attached to the shot valve and integrated into automated production lines. 

  2. With dynamicLine, DOPAG offers an automated solution for the production of high-quality PU gaskets. 

  3. DOPAG France is the eldest subsidiary of the HILGER & KERN GROUP. This year it celebrates its 30th anniversary. We look back on the success story.


  1. 09/28/21 - 09/30/21 | New Delhi, India

    PU Tech

    Get to know more about metering and mixing solutions for polyurethane and meet our experts at PU Tech India.

  2. 09/14/21 - 09/16/21 | Novi, Michigan, United States

    Battery Show USA

    Discover metering and mixing technology from DOPAG at the Battery Show USA.

Highly Automated Dispensing Systems

Absolute precision, reliability and reproducibility – the technical requirements within automated production processes are constantly growing. In particular the digitisation of global key industries as described by the term ‘Industry 4.0’ poses major challenges for the metering technology from DOPAG.

We support companies from a wide range of industries in this development and help them to achieve long-term success with innovative technology. To ensure that we can continue to offer our customers sustainable metering technology, our experts have drawn upon their industry experience and expertise in two new business areas: automation and sealing foams.

With automationLine, DOPAG offers sophisticated solutions for automated bonding, sealing and casting. The product range includes individual and line integratable production cells. One area of focus is the design and production of special systems precisely tailored to the application and to the customer’s requirements.

In relation to dynamic mixing, DOPAG presents a product line for gasketing, bonding and potting with dynamicLine. The new dynamic mixing head processes highly reactive materials efficiently and with high precision. It is complemented by a linear robot which features a compact design.

We are one of the world’s leading providers within our core applications and industries. Dispensing valves and pumps for lubricants of high technical quality from DOPAG are particularly used in the automotive industry for precise application of grease and oil. Well-known manufacturers in the fields of aviation and space travel, wind energy and the electronics and household appliances industries also rely on the 2K metering systems from DOPAG.

We work closely with material manufacturers and have carried out over 3,000 projects in around 70 countries in the last ten years alone. Our success is based on our capacity for innovation and our partnership with our customers and project partners over the course of decades.

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