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Ideas and technology for the future of mixing and metering

DOPAG is the reliable and competent partner for all concerns regarding metering and mixing technology. DOPAG systems and components are used for processing and application of multi-component polymers or 1-component media such as adhesives, greases, and oils in various industries.

The high quality standards of DOPAG products guarantee maximum precision and repeatability of the results - even in highly automated processes.

DOPAG is a member of the HILGER & KERN GROUP that has been a reliable supplier as well as an experienced development and service partner for industrial enterprises across various market segments for more than 90 years. The company employs about 350 people and is represented in more than 40 countries via subsidiaries and distributors.

Milestones of the company history

1927: Foundation of Hilger u. Kern as a trading company

1970: Start of the activities in the metering and mixing technology

1976: Foundation of DOPAG Dosiertechnik und Pneumatik AG

1976: Market launch:

  • Piston Metering technology
  • Metering and Dispensing valves

1979: Market launch: Material pressure regulators

1980: Market launch: Drum pump

1984: Patent registration for the VOLU-MIX metering principle

1991: Extension of the product portfolio with gear metering technology

2007: Metering at point of application

2010: Introduction new piston metering technology

2014: Acquistion of Meter Mix Systems Ltd.

2017: automationLine - Turnkey solutions for process-integrated, automated metering

2017: dynamicLine - dynamic mixing in a new dimension

Development of the Subsidiaries

1927: Hilger u. Kern GmbH Mannheim (Germany)

1976: DOPAG Dosiertechnik und Pneumatik AG Cham (Switzerland)

1990: DOPAG Sarl Valence (France)

2002: DOPAG (UK) Ltd. Droitwich (United Kingdom)

2004: DOPAG ITALIA S.r.l. Torino (Italy)

2009: DOPAG (US) Ltd. Cincinnati (USA)

2010: DOPAG (Shanghai) Metering Technology Co. Ltd. Shanghai (China)

2014: DOPAG India Pvt Ltd. Bangalore (India)

2014: Meter Mix Systems Ltd. Rushden (United Kingdom)

2017: DOPAG Eastern Europe s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

2017: DOPAG Korea (Republic of Korea)

2018: DOPAG Mexico Metering Technology SA de CV (Mexico)

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