puttymix: Metering and mixing 2K putty materials

For perfect surface protection of rotorblades

The finishing process of rotor blades has become more and more important based on the increasing blade lengths. To protect the surface of the rotor blade particularly well, small unevennesses are filled with putty material at the end of the production process. Based on decades of experience in metering and mixing a wide variety of materials, DOPAG has developed a specific system, the puttymix, which perfectly meters and mixes the two-component putty material with its high viscosity variance. An optional high speed injection of an accelerator using needle metering valves is possible. In addition, the metering and mixing system can be used to apply pore fillers.

Technical Specifications

  1. Flow rate

    1 – 2.6 l/min (approx. 1.5 – 4 kg/min)
    Depending on mixing ratio and viscosity

  2. Mixing ratio

    100:10 – 100:100, volumetric as per material properties

  3. Material supply

    Drum pump, pressure vessels

  4. Viscosity range

    100 mPas – 80.000 mPas

  5. Material characteristics

    Unfilled, filled, abrasive

  6. Power supply

    3 × 400 V / 50 Hz

  7. Air supply

    6 bar

  8. Dimensions L × W × H

    2.500 × 1.100 × 4.100 mm

  9. Weight

    Approx. 1.500 kg