Precise and flawless processing of liquid silicone for injection molding

The silcomix PE200 is a compactly designed, electrically driven piston pump, metering and mixing system. It is used for continuous processing of medium to high-viscosity, silicone-based media with a mixing ratio of 100:100. Metering is carried out directly from the original containers with a size of 5,28 or 52,8 gal.

Features and Benefits

  • High energy-efficiency due to servoelectrically driven piston pumps
  • Simultaneous drum drainage
  • Material residues in drum < 1 %
  • Processing from 5,28 or 52,8 gal containers (on one chassis)
  • Synchronous changeover of piston pumps "SWIPSYNC"
  • Pressure-controlled metering
  • Analog filling level monitoring
  • Special sealing technology for processing abrasive media (for color injection)
  • Highly comfortable system operation
  • Compact, space-saving system design

Technical Specifications

Outflow rate up to 1,200 or 3,600 cc/min (at max. 20 or 12 double strokes per minute and at MR 100:100, depending on viscosity)
Mixing ratio 100:100 (further ratios available on request)
Color injection metering up to 4 colors with a ratio of 0.2 - 5% each
Maximum working pressure 3,625 psi
Material supply 5,28 or 52,8 gal
Viscosity up to 1,000,000 cps (higher viscosity available on request)
Operating voltage 400/230 VAC 3/N/PE / 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (D x W x H),
Lifter retracted
960 x 1,320 x 1,920 mm


The servo-electrical drive allows for the synchronous changeover between the piston metering pumps, independently of the current position of the related pump piston (Switching Point Synchronisation). This prevents the mixing ratio from shift ing due to diff erent changeover positions. An even drum drainage of the A and B component is granted by the needs-oriented automatic adjustment of the volume flows of the single components via the stroke speed of the piston metering pumps. At the same time, a special control of the servo drives significantly reduces the drop of the pressure and thus of the volume flow while also cutting down on the time required.


  • Compact enclosed chassis, transportable by fork-lift truck
  • Pneumatic pump lifter
  • Follower plate for 52,8 gal containers
  • Static drum bottom support
  • Servo-electrically driven piston pump with "SWIPSYNC"
  • Material pressure monitoring via pressure sensors
  • Metering computer DOPAG MR40
  • System operation via 7" Color Touch Panel
  • Analog level monitoring
  • High-pressure material hose package
  • Sensor for injection pressure
  • Real-time display of remaining runtime


  • Drum roll-in device
  • Roller conveyor
  • Active pneumatic drum bottom support
  • Exchangeable follower plates for 5,28 gal container
  • Material sieve for follower plates
  • Automatic drum and pump de-aeration
  • Mixing ratio monitoring (volumetric flow meters)
  • Color or additive injection – up to 4 colors/additives possible
  • Empty warning for 2,6 gal color supply
  • Level probe and electric agitator for color cart
  • Color/additive quantity measurement (volume flow, ratio)
  • Additional mixing units
  • Mixer cooling
  • Metering pressure monitoring at mixer with digial display
  • Special operating voltage
  • Different machine interfaces (e.g. OPC-UA)

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