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For precise metering, mixing and application of adhesives, sealants, greases and oils

We have been producing components for the precise processing of one- and two-component materials with different viscosities and properties for 45 years. The modular structure of our product range enables individual solutions to be configured in accordance with your specific requirements. From various material supply systems and a wide range of valve types to process monitoring systems, we offer everything from a single source.

Your advantages:

  • Comprehensive product range with a wide variety of components: from material feed to discharge
  • Metering, mixing on applications of all standard materials: one- and two-component adhesives and sealants, potting compounds or lubricants
  • Different systems for different types of challenges: e.g. piston, gear or eccentric screw pumps
  • Individual configuration of the right, cost-efficient solution for you
  • Over 45 years of experience for expert consultation
  • Convenient ordering and global supply
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Pumps, valves and equipment for your metering and mixing system

The perfect valve for every application

Metering valves and dispensing valves from DOPAG demonstrate all the qualities that are essential for optimum results in metering: high precision, excellent reproducibility and high quality standards. The DOPAG range includes various valve types, all of which are based on one of two dispensing principles. The needle and chamber metering valves work on the volumetric principle (dot application). Here, each cycle means that the contents of the valve chamber are completely emptied upon a trigger signal. This has the advantage of high repetition accuracy and flexibility thanks to the possibility of volume adjustment. On the other hand, dispensing, spray and shot valves work on a different principle, where the discharged quantity is defined by material pressure and valve needle opening time. This allows for application of small quantities from a distance, as well as continuous applications of any material amount.

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